Present and future
Beverage Industry
The beginning

Present and future

Now the present and future invite us to become importers of food in addition to exports. We have gone through very difficult times especially for the losses generated by the difference in change which has forced us to change, restructure and modify our company towards its own competitiveness and not the environment only.


As the needs were discovered, we started with the commercialization of products produced in countries other than Colombia, identifying the possibility of growth that we would have.

Beverage Industry

With the passage of time, we began to pay attention to the beverage industry in the USA, Central America and Europe with raw materials for its production of fruit drinks, which we have maintained for 14 years.


The first exports were made to our main client GOYA FOODS (company with 75 years of age today) and with whom we have grown year after year and from whom we have learned the seriousness, the discipline, the risk of being in International business. Over time we delve into panela and then add other food products called Ethnic that began to export to the USA.


The company that started its operations in 1997, has life thanks to the union of the good ideas, experience of this Pereira businessman and the hard and perseverant work of Mónica López, a recently graduated young woman and a work team that was built over time . Before the creation of the company and Jaime Vallejo had ventured into the world of processed fruits and panela with success and vision of the future. So when creating C. I. PROBA S.A.S capitalizes on previous knowledge, experience and existing contacts.

The beginning

The history of the company goes back to the story of entrepreneur Jaime Vallejo Mejía who, today (2012), close to 80 years of life, began in Pereira and the region more than 40 years ago the internationalization of Colombian products such as coffee, sugar, textiles, leather, panela, construction materials, among others.


Marketing food that meets the needs of innovation, compliance, delivery and quality of the national and foreign market of the food industry, through strategic and lasting partnerships with suppliers and customers.


Being in 2022 recognized as one of the main food marketers in Colombia having a food portfolio for import and export wide and with high added value in various categories. With a promise of delivery and fulfillment that adapts to the needs of our customers having a local presence in the United States and Europe.


Monica López Gonzáles
Commercial Manager and


Juliana Vela
Director of Operations


Manuel Alejandro Rosas
Design and Marketing


Jhonatan Cardona
KAM Senior


Milena Rodriguez


Valentina Ríos
KAM Junior


Juliana García Acevedo
Commercial Coordinator


David Cabrera Espinosa
Logistics Coordination


Lady Johanna Arias
Administrative assistant